• Hacker News Leaderboard

    Hacker News is a great community for all things technology. It’s the place where I spend most of my free time, always impressed by the various people I get to meet. And so, with the mandatory excuses for directing my attention to such earthly matters, I wanted to check which users are the most active on the forum. The connoisseurs out there might already think, yet that was not enough for me. I didn’t want an all-time, static ranking; I was interested in the most active people at this specific moment. As I could not find what I was looking for anywhere, I decided to build it myself. Now I can find the users that showed a huge engagement recently, the users that have something important to say. Check it out here:

  • Junior what?

    Technology evolved and developers can not understand everything anymore. So how does the world survive then? People specialise, that’s how! After you finish your degree, you don’t train to become a Computer Expert, but rather you focus on one area in particular: databases, security or WebDev, for example. Everyone knows that, yet not everyone knows all of the possible options from the start of their career.

  • Next-gen devs

    Young developers are different. They were taught to have Stack Overflow up all the time, to have a working environment set up in minutes and the firewall turned on by default. Taking this last example in consideration, I can attest that’s right. Until the Networks course, Windows Firewall and Uncomplicated Firewall on Linux was the furthest I have ever explored the system.

  • Build stuff!

    Extending on the about page, I want to emphasise even more the importance of creating personal projects, having independent work and going far beyond what a degree might teach you. Just so that we are on the same page, I will not take into consideration the reason for choosing a Computer Science degree, nor the money aspect of doing a degree, but rather I will assume only that you are doing a Computer Science degree and my focus will be on how to make the most out of it.

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