There exists only a limited number of genres that I can listen to while coding. Most songs with vocals are way too disturbing, and I can still not concentrate even if it is, say, the violin that plays the vocals. Like the rest of the Internet, I’ve had a positive experience with lo-fi hip hop for a while. Like the rest of the Internet, I’ve grown too accustomed to it.

At this point, it’s relevant for me to mention that I have not coded full time for some time. Thus I have not been in the market for good programming music until very recently. What I wish I could find is a bunch of energising tunes my body would ingest as caffeine. Energising, not uplifting. On my last walk, I’ve listened to the instrumental of Thunderstruck by AC/DC. While I very much walked more vigorously, I would definitely code less eagerly listening to it. Instrumentals also invite me to fill in the missing lyrics, so that’s a negative.

I assume everyone has a different experience, and that’s how I justify why Spotify user-created playlists are not doing it for me. On the topic of playlists, what usually happens is that I search for unexpected keywords to avoid monotony, e.g. relaxing Spanish music or jazz for eating. It’s not like I actively listen to it anyway, but it does make a tiny difference.

I’ve heard of projects using ML and the sort to generate a seemingly infinite output of songs. So diverse that it would not tire you out, yet similar enough that it would not require getting familiar with it twice. I am yet to try them.

And I am yet to find a viable solution. Until then, the clickety-clack of the office and the car white-noise of working from home will do…